Home bar Design Ideas – 4 Types to Choose From

There are basically two approaches in installing a home bar. The first one is of course to design it yourself and build it at home. But you also have a option of getting a custom made home bar with table that comes in 4 types and bar stools.

Whatever way you decide to go, there are four main types of bar designs for better online quality custom bars that are most popular. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Straight type bar

This type of home bar is normally used at the end of a room with the length spanning the width of the room. The storage of the drinks and bottles, glasses are normally under the counter table. A minimum of three bar stools can be arranged in a single row.

better online quality custom bars

Back bar

This type of bar has a storage arrangement just like a bookshelf. There are three parts to this bar. The first one is the same as a straight bar with bottom storage with a counter. The middle portion is normally open. Storing drinks bottles the third section can have wooden or glass shutters and is above the counter that. Thus type of arrangement is done for display purpose.

L type wet bar

As the name suggests this bar has a L shape in plan. The short side of the L is normally used to fix built-in sink for washing purpose.

perfect home bars

Corner bar

This type of bar is actually just a small cabinet to store the drinks. This is used where space is an issue. Because space is an issue this type of perfect home bars uses maximum storage space available using bottom and top cabinets.

Apart for the type of bar tables there are many factors involved in designing the perfect bar such as finishes, color schemes, lighting to create a mood. Also if you plan to install a small refrigerator in your home bar then proper electricity supply must be arranged during planning stage itself.

No matter which design style you choose, make sure to plan before you build and you will have a wonderful experience with your friends in you own home bar.


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